Online Active Shooter and Situational Awareness Training

S.A.F.E.E. Kids is a complete online active shooter preparedness program. Developed by martial arts instructors, law enforcement officers, U.S. special operators, teachers, and administrators. For children of all age groups, as well as educators and school administrators.   Learn the skills, plans, and procedures to keep your school and community S.A.F.E.E.

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“This program is exactly what my daughter needs, the collaboration of professionals is obvious. From home training, to how it breaks down each element of an attempted classroom intrusion, is amazing! SAFEEkids gets 5 out of 5 Stars from me!"

William N.
30 years in law enforcement, active shooter training
Nationally Certified Firearms Instructor
“The best thing about SAFEE is that you can really see the teacher input. It's easy to teach, makes sense, and made both my teachers and my students more comfortable with having a plan.”
Janice H.Principal, Wilkes-Barre Academy

“These Close Quarter tactics are proven. They need to be learned and drilled by everyone. I truly believe these tactics will give your teachers and students the best chances of survival if you are ever caught in a unfortunate and dangerous situation"

Donald Muendlein68W1PAirborne Infantry Line Medic173rd Airborne Brigade

“Being an EOD specialist, knowing your surroundings and understanding situational awareness is beyond important. Safee kids training explains this in depth, and breaks it down so not only teachers and administrators can learn, but also students of all ages can understand"

Rich Naper
89E Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer

Your Safe Family Starts Here

The local school districts are inundated with emails.

The state is sending out paperwork.

The federal government has a book.

All with the best intentions...

None of this teaches children in a classroom how to handle these situations.

"Being retired military and a mom it is nice to finally have a program that teaches me how to train my daughter To be safe at school when I can't protect her"

Katie Bauer
31B military police & female engagement team

At Home Training

"I’ve spent a career protecting other people,but my children go to school without me. With the SAFEEkids program I can now train my children to to go to school armed with knowledge to protect them when I can’t."

John Vanderlick
Plymouth Borough Police Department, retired

Easy to Learn

"This is the best program I've seen to address the school shooting epidemic. It should be taught to every student and every teacher, in EVERY school"

Dave Orloski
11B1V (Infantry/Ranger)

Transitions to every classroom

SAFEE Kids is Your Solution